Model 8000

The Model 8000 series ELT is designed to comply with the requirements of TSO-C126a and COSPAS/SARSAT C/S T.001. The ELT transmits on 406/121.5 MHz and is comprised of six interchangeable modules providing quick turnaround repair, replacement or reprogramming. The microprocessor section, with programming information, can be removed and placed on a different ELT stack. So if a company had a fleet of aircraft they could easily swap the ELT by removing the microprocessor section and replacing with another section. Each aircraft could have its own section assigned to that tail number and when an ELT was needed just place microprocessor section to ELT. If aircraft changes registration then the microprocessor section would need to be sent back to us for programming.

The option of internal GPS will be available at a later date. The qualification testing at Ft. Huachuca showed that location accuracy with PN 8001-15 antenna was down to .7 km.

A cockpit panel monitor/switch is supplied with all models to provide test, reset and RF/battery status indicators required by RTCA DO-204A. The existing three wire shielded cable can be used with new/replacement installations. The remote switch is completely self-contained and powered by the ELT battery. There will be Cessna Aircraft and Robinson Helicopter conversion kits available. The remote switch circuitry has been engineered to not effect ELT operation in case of remote wires shorting or opening after activation. Fuses within the remote circuit has been eliminated.

A low profile 406/121.5 MHz monopole antenna, (PN 8001-15) is provided as standard equipment. The 8" tall antenna is for installations for up to 200 knots. This antenna will mount in existing PN 3001-10 and PN 3001-12 mount holes. There will be a replacement PN 3003-(x) High Performance dual frequency antenna available soon.

The PN 8008 mounting bracket for Model 8000 Pointer 406 ELT has the same hole pattern as previous Pointer ELT's. These brackets are designed to withstand 100/500 "G" mechanical shock requirements of RTCA DO-204A.

A lithium battery pack, PN 8007, is designed to endure the extreme environmental requirements of RTCA DO-204A.

PN 8000-1
PN 8000-1A
PN 8000-1B
PN 8000-1P

The Pointer Guarantee

As with all Pointer ELT's, our lifetime warranty is applied to original purchasers to be free of defects in material and workmanship. The warranty card must be filed at Pointer and the unit equipped with a Pointer manufactured battery packs.