Model 6000

For any Civil Air Patrol Squadron, the Pointer 6000 ELT is ideal. This practice ELT is designed to simulate the use of a real emergency locator transmitter. Before taking on a Search & Rescue Mission, every CAP Cadet should be trained and prepared to use an ELT properly. The Pointer Cadet Practice ELT is a great investment for any CAP Squadron or CAP instructor. This product will aid in the training of pilots and rescue teams alike. This practice emergency locator transmitter works with a maximum of eight volts and includes the new frequency of 121.775 Mhz. Train your pilots with the most realistic equipment; our Pointer 6000 emergency beacon simulator will prepare pilots for real-life situations and emergencies. Help your students stay prepared for any situation with this practice ELT. Rescue and first aid equipment are cockpit essentials. Our practice ELT and other ELT products are selected for every aviator's safety.