Our Products

Pointer ELT, Model 3000-10, 3000-11 series and Pointer Sentry, Model 4000-10 and Model 4000-11 are manufactured exclusively by Pointer, Inc in Tempe, AZ. The 3000 series is manufactured to the requirements of FAA TSO-C91A. This series was preceded by the Pointer I, Pointer II and Pointer Portable Model 2000, Model 3000. The Model 4000 series includes the requirements of Canadian specification RSS147, Issue 3, in addition to TSO-C91A. This series was preceded by the Model C-4000 Sentry.

The Model 8000 series 406 MHz ELT manufactured by Pointer, Inc., will reflect the proven quality of thirty-five years of manufacturing experience. The current extended warranty of our products will continue to our product owners.


Pointer, Inc. also manufactures a military variant, NSN5826013077380, of the Model 3000-11 for installation in various transport and refueling aircraft. The Pointer Model 6000 Cadet is a training unit manufactured for the Civil Air Patrol and state search and rescue organizations.