PN 2020

The PN 2020 alkaline battery pack is designed to protect the factory fresh cells from the shock and thermal variations required by the regulations. The patented formed foam body fits snugly inside ELT case to provide vibration free installation. The battery pack supplies 7.5 volts that our Model 3000 and Model 4000 series ELTs were TSO-C91a certified. The battery pack continues certification with our lifetime warranty on parts and labor. Replacement Instructions

PN C2020

Pointer ELT Models C4000 and 4000 series that contained our PN C2020 battery pack can utilize the PN 2020 battery pack. The PN 2020 and PN C2020 are physically identical except the C2020 identification, which showed that it was previously distributed in Canada. The PN 2020 battery pack will continue warranty and certification of all Canadian ELT models. Letters from Transport Canada can be found HERE and HERE.